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This product is paramedic, so you can change it to fit with whatever wheel size you have. The material costs less around $1 for my wheel size, and will vary slightly with how big of a wheel you print it for.  Both pieces are press fit into inner cylindrical surfaces of the wheel...

Pistol grip and picatinny rail for use on a Mossberg 500 12 gauge. May be usable with other Mossberg models. Printed with a 25% infill with supports touching base. Feels solid but has not been tested yet.

This hockey tape case/dispensor will protect hockey tape from getting dirty when tossed in a hockey bag as well as provide a cutting edge to rip the tape when taping up your stick.

Phone mount for a Droid Turbo, allows the user to make longboarding videos. There is no Droid specific mount as far as I know; most people tend to use Gopro's. Most board mounts on the market mount with screws through the deck or mount a camera below the deck. This mount attaches using the...

eSherpa - First Electrically Driven eTrolley

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The eSherpa - the first electrically driven eTrolley for tandem pilots! eSherpa is the first electrically driven eTrolley for tandem pilots. Strong enough to carry 30 kg uphill and compact enough to be flown back down … Of course...