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Might only work once (or even less), if you're not careful, but THAT hook was much less of a hassle, than it could have been... ;-) Tinkercad link:

This is a bottle scoring device that will allow you to score smaller beer bottles to larger wine glasses. Need to print both front and back of modle and 8 cylinders. Need 2 1/4"-20 rods around 4" in lenght and 4 1/4-20 nuts. Also must order the glass cutter online. 

This is a blade insert for a Delta Table Saw. I modeled the insert using FreeCAD and tried to keep the blade clearance very minimal to mimick that of a zero clearance insert.  Similar commerically available inserts are available for around $30 where as this print costs about $4.13 using...

Screw Gauge for Metric Screws

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Licensing: Attribution - Non Commercial - CC BY - NC
Layer Height: 0.25 mm
3D Software: OpenSCAD
Printer Used: Velleman K8200
Slicer: KISSlicer
Infill: 25%
Support Material: No
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This is a screw gauge for metric screws. from M3 to M22 and length measure up to 60mm for cylinder head and countersunk screws. Print as fine as possible. You can dye the embossed numbers and lines with a contrast color. Uses Write.scad ( )