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This is a bottle scoring device that will allow you to score smaller beer bottles to larger wine glasses. Need to print both front and back of modle and 8 cylinders. Need 2 1/4"-20 rods around 4" in lenght and 4 1/4-20 nuts. Also must order the glass cutter online. 

This is a brick trowel used for spreading grout when tiling in kitchens or bathrooms. Notch is .25in by .25in. Dimensions are 3in wide by 6in long. .125in thick base. 1.5 in high handle

My modifications to the Made in Space wrench. Made in Space sent a 3D printer to the international space station. Then when they needed a torque wrench up there they e-mailed them the designs for one that they could print themselves. And it worked.   But the original design...

Men's Bathroom Sign

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Licensing: Public Domain (Unlicense)
Slicer: Cura
Printer Used: Delta RepRap
3D Software: Pronterface
Layer Height: .15
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Below are the source and .stl files for a Men's Restroom sign created as a project for the 3D Printing class MY4777 at Michigan Technological University. A similar design can be found on for matching men's and women's signs for $364.00. However, feeling that the price was a bit steep for plastic that is to function solely as a indicator for designated restrooms, the design below will serve the purpose just as well as the expensive alternative but at an astronomically lower costs of roughly $5.00.