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A very early design of a reciprocating blowback system based off of WE's open bolt design. Is a proof of concept for alternate system integration down the road.

Completely 3D printable ping pong paddle. The handle is removable so different handles or paddles can be interchanged. The paddle can be either 3D printed and have rubber attached or can be taken from an existing paddle. Attachments for both are included. Savings is approximately $5.00 plus you...

Here is  a lego 1x4 gear rack for 3d printing.  Note: This design was not my own doing but upload here for conveinince.

It's a model for aircraft that can be printed by 3D printer. There are 3 parts, offering enough space for control board and motor as well as all the wires. Also an open window is designed for the control board in order to connect  extra equipments to free pins, for example, a camera. The...

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