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This is a toothbrush holder. It can be customized to hold more toothbrushes or to be made larger. A commercial equivalent is around $7.59, giving a cost savings of $6.56.

This razor stand is fully printable, and requires no hardware for assembly. It is capable of storing up to Four (4) double edge, straight, or even cartridge razors, and up to two (2) shaving brushes. The stand also has a wide base to store soaps or a lathering bowl.  This was designed for...

Safety Razor

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Real men shave with a razor holder they print themselves. Sorry Gillette.   It works - the picture is of me having just shaved half my face with it.   Instructions:   To print: top, bottom and handle prints    m3 nut and screw.   Print the 3 STL files on your favorite open-source 3-D printer.   Place an m3 nut in the nut trap in the handle.   Place a double edge blade on the top piece as shown in the picture in red.   Then place the bottom on it and squeeze - the metal blade will bend slightly. This...