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Base and hook for hanging bananas. Threaded design, use command strips to attach cabinet. Used Dan Kirshner's ISO-standard thread library[]  for OpenSCAD.

A cookie cutter of someone's face! A custom cookie cutter costs $50.77 on Etsy (  A 10g cookie cutter costs $0.23 based on $22.98/kg.  Printing a custom cookie cutter yourself saves $50.54, a savings of 99.5%.

These are two different gear styles that make the microwave plate turn. They were designed as replacement parts. The three pronged gear may need to be scaled slightly to fit your microwave. Most microwaves should use one of these style parts.

A module wine rack. All the pieced can be printed individually and constructed how ever you want it to look. The rack can even be mounted upside if need be (would need to have a special mount bracket made), only tested with one full bottle of wine upsidedown.  

Potato Masher

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This kitchen can be used to mash potatos that have been boiled. Using 3D printer and filament the potato masher serves as a cheaper alternative than commercial mashers.The potato masher has a total print time of 2 hr 1 min. The potato masher has two parts: a handle and the masher base. An adhesive was used to join them both. The printer settings for the handle were: Layer Height: 0.20 mm Top/Bottom Layer thickness: 0.5 mm Fill Density: 30% Print Speed: 70 mm/s Shell Thickness: 1.4 The printer settings for the masher base were: Layer Height: 0.20 mm Top/Bottom Layer thickness: 0.5 mm...