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Ici il s'agit d'un système de purge du circuit de freinage. Normalement, il faut être 2, un appui sur le pédale et l'autre qui serre ou desserre sur la purge au niveau des commandes. Avec cet appareil, vous pouvez faire tout seul. ...

As I wanted that dashcam mounted closer to the top of the window, I designed this mount in Tinkercad. In case someone just needs the latch, it is kept seperately. Description see: Tinkercad: ...

This is an ORV light designed for a 6 inch reflector to replace that of a rusting or rotting commercial one. Replacements can cost from $30-$150 dollars depending on what lamps are used. It is especially good for corrosive, cool environments. This print costs about $4 in filament and offers a cost...

Model 3 phone holder

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Model 3 phone holder