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An adjustable stand for holding up a Christmas tree.  Parameter within the OpenSCAD file can be changed to accomadate different size tree trunks and leg length.

Ornament numbering (1-7) roughly correlates with difficulty of printing. Regardless, getting the first layer stuck to the build platform, and printing with a thick brim, are essential. Some of the ornaments have very aggressive overhangs, and having your cooling and print temperature dialed in is...

This model needs to be printed with 0% Infill and no top layers. The easiest way to do that is by using Cura slicer.

My wife really liked the smaller prints and said that she wanted a larger print. So I printed this vase off for her birthday. It's quite nice a few gaps as some of my settings were a little off in kisslicer. The print weights 175 grams. Around $10 worth of plastic. I'm going to print off a larger...

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