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This hook is used to saved space when hanging bulkier clothes in your closet. It lowers the bulk point enabling someone to hang more clothes in their closet or keep an outfit together to eliminate searching for the other article of clothing.

Place any bottle of nail polish in this holder while you paint your nails. It will tip and wobble but never fall or spill. When you want to get more polish on your brush, tilt it to one of the sides and it will hold steady for you.  Cost:  Plastic -- $1.50 (66g at $22/kg) Silicon...

This variable holder clamp was designed to hold a computer headset on the edge of a table for convenient storage. It is parametric in almost every setting. While it is meant for being attached to a horizontal table or desk edge, it can be applied to a vertical standing edge with reasonable grip...

I cant upload FreeCad files on this site so please go to Thingiverse for FreeCAD: Holder for beer. Attaches to desk via simple friction fit. Even has a little hook on the side to hang your bottle opener. Of course this will also fit your standard...

Electric Outlet Covers and Plugs

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The idea for this set of things it to make the base designs for custom outlet covers both decora and duplex. The first goal of this project is for electric safety for families with young children with an unhealthy interest in electric outlets. Some of the covers have the electric holes completely concealed -- if you know you are never going to use them - this is a nice semi-permanent way of eliminating electric hazards without the hassle of dealing with the plugs. In addition, you can print out as many plugs as you need for your existing outlet covers. These plugs are designed to fit snug...