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Wanted to make myself a more solid, sturdy and stable base for my second extruder. Adjusting the one from the kit, (In my case) loosened up the entire printhead. While printing pressure in the hotend moved the nozzle down. Had to fit in a standard UM1, but be careful when 1st time testing, 1001...

With additional holes for cabling. And additional screwfixtures, in case the pressfit is not good enough, or relaxes with time. See remix parents. One should be able to put m3 threads into the tiny holes. Source:

Replacement head for Ultimaker to allow the use of the E3D hotend which a llows jam free printing at elevated temperatures for PLA, ABS and PC. (ABS at >150mm/s and temps up to 265deg.) This also gives very strong parts with superb surface finish.  Instructions:  Print...

RoboKnob for the Ultimaker 2

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Licensing: Attribution - Share Alike - CC BY - SA
Printer Used: Ultimaker 2
3D Software: Cura
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Knob hole is modeled larger than necessary. If too loose insert paper or extra material into the hole.