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This aims at providing a way to automate zoom on DSLR manual lens. The main drive for this project is to allow completly autonomous camera control through software. This uses a NEMA 17 stepper motor mounted with 4x 10mm M3 bolts. A standard skate bearing is held in place with a 1 inch 5/16...

This is a design I made to house our enterprise project. We needed a case that was light and as compact as possible. We are also designing the circuity and needed to be able to easily modify the the case to fit with our components and buttons. The case is easily scalable and worked well for our...

The design is for an Open Source Four Point Probe (OS-4PP) used for electrical characterization of thin films ( sheet resistance measurements). The holder consist of two main components; i). The holder ring and,  ii). The carriage. The carriage is attached to the modified 3D printer stage...

Parametric Clamp

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Pipe parametric clamp