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This hanger will hold 12 ties all in one spot, much like a shirt hanger. I uploaded a connctor I was working on but havent perfected yet. I used a M3 x 40 bolt to secure the tie holder to the hanger hook.

The floor of these bins are are slanted towards the front. Half sized bins are also available. Useful garage storage solution

3D printed cell phone cup hold for lg g3

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Licensing: Attribution - No Derivatives - CC BY - ND
Infill: 20%
Slicer: Slic3r
Printer Used: Rep Rap Athena Build
3D Software: Repiter
Layer Height: .25
Support Material: No
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Have a cup holder without a use? Have a Lg G3? well then you need the cellphone cup holder! Tilted at an optimal 20 degrees in the horizontal orientation.