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Use this customizable cable holder to tie your cables to your desk and prevent them from falling down. The current version only works for desks standing next to a wall and also acts as a spacer between wall and desk.

The device allows for 4 channels of balanced audio to transfered over a single cat6 cable. Comerical products cost $350. I was able to print this for under $50. Break down of cost is as follows: 150 Grams of PLA =$3 XLR Male Panel Mount Connectors (x3) =$9 XLR Female Panem Mount Connector...

An artistic rendering of the deathly hallows symbol with the actual deathly hallows. In this 1.5" tall pendant I combine the items of the Deathly Hallows; the Elder Wand, Resulrection Stone and Invisibility Cloak, into the form of the symbol that describes them. This object is 3D printed...

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