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Parametric saxophone mouthpiece. Using Openscad and attached source code, you can easily modify the dimensions of this mouthpiece: length, diameter, bore, chamber size, baffle thickness...etc. You can 1) alter the code to produce mouthpieces for any saxophone, from soprano through bari and beyond....

Tone knobs for my electric guitar. Snap on type. The cost of these knobs would run for about $8.00 a set but these printable ones cost only  a few cents to print. This is a cost savings of near $7.50

Fully playable 3D printable woodwinds instrument. The recorder is one of the oldest woodwind instruments. In the hands of an experienced player it creates a sound synonymous with Renaissance music. Often used in elementary music classes because of it's ease of operation. With 3D printing...

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Recorder (Music instrument)