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Twisted Vase

This model needs to be printed with 0% Infill and no top layers. The easiest way to do that is by using Cura slicer.

Star (6 point) earrings

Dual color earrings for special ocasions or not.

Earring, Earrings, Star Earring
Star cookie cutter

Your cookies will be the stars of every party.

Cookie Cutter
Like Cookie cutter

Because we LIKE cookies.


A simple die to make those backgammon games interesting. The dimension is 2 cm.

Dice, Die
Heart shape Cookie cutter

Give some love to your cookies.

Cookie, Cookie Cutter, Heart, Heart Shape
Cookie cutter Gingerbread man

Give a unique shape to your cookies. They will taste better, guaranteed.

Cookie, Cookie Cutter, Gingerbread, Gingerbread Man
Round watchtower

For those that don't like printing on "the edge" we have a rounded tower design. Made with love, care and craftsmanship.

8 Bit Mushroom

Mario fans will love this. The awesome 8 bit mushroom. In order to complete this creation you will need red, white and black filament. Print the mushroom_spots file starting with red, then change the filament to white. Afterwards print the mushroom_black with... obviously black filament.  Snap them together and have fun.

8 bit Glasses

Simple 8 bit style glasses. They should fit well on most heads :)


The one and only Amazon boxman.  Print it upside down with supports.

Amazon Boxman, Box, Boxman
Arduino Uno case

If you have an Arduino Uno R3 you should dress it up nicely. With this 3d printed case, the Arduino is safe and stylish. This case is with my name on it, but the files included have a case with the text : Arduino UNO

Arduino, Arduino Case, Arduino Cover, Arduino Uno, Case