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Customizes covers for holes in surfaces such as countertops, etc. Usage: Enter hole's dimensions: shape (circular/square/rectangular), dimensions, fillet radius. Define cover: overlap, thickness Define plug dimensions: length, clearance Choose if you like to have snaps or fins ...

Rodend balljoint customizavel. A impressao melhorou muito depois de extintas as folgas! Imprima uma peça em uma printer bem calibrada e teste o encaixe e diâmetro da haste. Ajuste os valores se necessário. Imprima novamente para conferir. Se estiver bom imprima todas as...

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Seej Starter Set

Seej is an Open-Source tabletop wargame based around 3D printing. This archive contains almost everything you need to start playing Seej. You'll need to supply your own pennies and elastic bands. The recent proliferation of inexpensive filament printers with smaller build platforms requires the advent of a smaller Seej engine, so I've added the Marshmallow Mangonel to the kit.  The classic catapult gets improvements inspired by community feedback, too. It's all compatible with older prints, and is much, much more accurate.  The dawn of the hobbyist resin printer is upon...

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