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UNTESTED SO FAR! xxdanmurphyxx designed a reinforced (left) NEMA 17 motor mount and published it on Thingiverse (as CC-BY). As the motor shaft position is important for CoreXY mechanics and he didn't mention which other mount to use, I took out the raise here. Mirroring has to be done in the...

Test piece for speed, jerk, acceleration as well as ringing, vibration, vertical banding and other artefacts. Ran some tests on my CoreXY printer with two " Test part to look at X and Y damping and resonance by MiseryBot", but realized, that it was too small. This part has the 45° and...

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Wanhao i3 plus. Replace stock heatsink fan for radical fan

Wanhao i3 plus. Replace stock heatsink fan for radical fan.

Wanhao i3 Plus
Door Offset Frame for Wanhao Duplicator 4S

When using a front-mounted PLA fan with the Wanhao Duplicator 4S 3D printer, there is a chance that it will hit the door covering the front of the machine. Here is a frame that will offset the door by 20mm and allow for a fan to be mounted on the front of the extruder carriage. You will need to get longer screw for the hinges - M3x40mm screws. Print the parts needed as specified below. Remove the door (and hinges) from your Wanhao Duplicator 4S 3D printer. Connect the four parts of the frame using the four "ds4_frame_connector_bracket". Mount the frame to the printer...

Door Offset Frame
Door Holder - Wanhao Duplicator 4

This thing is to keep the door open Wanhao Duplicator Printer 4 (or above).

Door Holder, Wanhao 4
Wanhao Nozzle Gauge Tool - Duplicator 4

This tool is used for leveling dual head nozzles on a Duplicator 4.  Modified version of  Hole center M3 = 75mm, head height =25mm  Added tap in center for preventing head from rotating when adjusting nozzle, worked very well.

Nozzle Gauge, Wanhao
Extruder Drive Block for NinjaFlex - Duplicator 4

Modified version of Duplicator 4 drive block to better enclose the drive wheel included for  NinjaFlex filament.

Duplicator 4, Ninjaflex