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Disposable Rocket Project

For the last project of the year for my 3D Modeling class I had my students design their very own disposable rocket.  Students designed the top nose cone as well as the bottom fins. The body was actually made up of the rocket engine itself which was a A8-3.  Before the launch I was expecting the rockets to be completely destroyed, but after they came down they held up surprisingly well and we were actually able to launch a few of them more then once.  Here are some videos of the 3D printed rockets. I apologize for the poor quality, but they went so fast it was hard to...

Disposable Rocket
Arduino Rocket Launch Control Box

When I was a kid, I loved playing with Estes Rockets, so I decided to get back into the hobby but using all of my maker skizzls. So here's a really cool Arduino Rocket Launcher launching 3D Printed rockets from my MakerBot Rep2! Enjoy! Fully Open Source for anyone to make! Full Assembly and Launch Instructions are on Instructables!

Rocket Launcher, Rockets