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Model of tree

UNTESTED SO FAR! xxdanmurphyxx designed a reinforced (left) NEMA 17 motor mount and published it on Thingiverse (as CC-BY). As the motor shaft position is important for CoreXY mechanics and he didn't mention which other mount to use, I took out the raise here. Mirroring has to be done in the...

Test piece for speed, jerk, acceleration as well as ringing, vibration, vertical banding and other artefacts. Ran some tests on my CoreXY printer with two " Test part to look at X and Y damping and resonance by MiseryBot", but realized, that it was too small. This part has the 45° and...

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Uni-Troll Downrigger Base

Uni-Troll Downrigger Base compatible with all Uni-Troll Cannon downriggers. Made for MY4777 'Big Money' project at Michigan Tech under the instruction of Dr. Joshua Pearce. 

Cannon, Downrigger, Fishing, Uni Troll