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UNTESTED SO FAR! xxdanmurphyxx designed a reinforced (left) NEMA 17 motor mount and published it on Thingiverse (as CC-BY). As the motor shaft position is important for CoreXY mechanics and he didn't mention which other mount to use, I took out the raise here. Mirroring has to be done in the...

Test piece for speed, jerk, acceleration as well as ringing, vibration, vertical banding and other artefacts. Ran some tests on my CoreXY printer with two " Test part to look at X and Y damping and resonance by MiseryBot", but realized, that it was too small. This part has the 45° and...

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Hena from Zelda: Twilight Princess

A special request for a YouTube user Ryotaiku, Hena from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (See resource link for model download source.)

Hena From Zelda, Twilight Princess
Paper Pawn Stands

Print this out, put a folded piece of card stock with the character on it in the stand, and play game. I needed a stand for paper characters in a print and play board game, so I whipped this up in a few minutes. Works great.

Paper Pawn Stands
Arrow Display Hook

My son was presented with an arrow upon graduation from Webelos, so he needed a place to keep and display it. So that's what this is. It's designed to be held in place with 2 push pins. We only had the big ones, so it kind of traps the arrow in the hook, which doesn't look as good but is functional.

Arrow Display Hook
Cadence Cyclist Pawn

This is a pawn in the shape of a bicyclist racer suitable for table top games like Cadance by Tarang Hardikar (see resource link). At size this model has a 1"x2" base, but scales down as much as 50% without losing printability.

Cadence Cyclist
Me in 3D by Cymon

Honestly, it's narcissistic enough my making this and putting it up here. If you print this out I am going to wonder what's wrong with you. A 1/5 scale model of my head. It's designed to print successfully on FFF home 3D printers without needing supports. Scanned with an XBox360 Kinect. Was playing with ReconstructMe for this one, but I think I much prefer Scannect.

Your Own Do-it-Yourself Toy

The Joenny enter's the animal kingdom. Paint, color, craft, decoupage, and make it your own. Comes with a 4mm square hole in the hand for accessories. You can smooth the model to make it easier to color or just paint with lines on it. Coat with a primer before using permanent marker as marker doesn't stick to plastic very well. Trust me on that one.

Diy, Toy
Angel Moroni Statue

A representation of the statue that decorates the top of many Mormon temples.   Upon the top of many temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a statue of an angel blowing a trumpet, the angel Moroni. I wanted to try my hand at sculpting this statue with a procedurally generated wind-blown cloth sim.   I'm not 100% happy with the result, but the overall effect is good. This is a challenging print, particularly because of the trumpet. Good luck reproducing it.

Angel Moroni, Statue
Slanted Stacking Bins

The floor of these bins are are slanted towards the front. Half sized bins are also available. Useful garage storage solution

Bin, Bins, Storage
SPEW Badge

This badge was made for a Harry Potter themed party event.  The letters can be made to stand out either by changing filament colors at 3mm Z-height or by dipping them in paint or ink or something after printing. You'll need to pin a pin back. You can usually buy 10 for $2 at craft stores. Or if you're fancy you can use flat magnets.

Spew Badge
Android Phone Arm for Replicator 1

An instructiable opened my eyes to the fact that an old Android phone can be used as a webcam (resource link #1) but instead of an IP camera I used the uStream app to make my 3D printer live broadcast (resource link #2).   These models I don't see being particularly useful to anyone else unless you have the same phone I do and the same 3D printer I do, but maybe the idea will inspire someone.

Phone Arm
Duct Tape Roll Pencil Holder

A pencil holder for my workbench designed to hold either 2 rolls of duct tape or that roll of kapton tape that I don't use any more but can't bear to throw away. I've been using that kapton roll as a makeshift pencil holder for a while now, but it's really bad without a base. This provides solves that problem.   Honestly this is one of those things that's so simple I almost feed bad posting it. But it's so useful I'd feel bad not posting it.

Pencil Holder
Gabriel Schama inspired Art Piece

A pendant... or car hanging. Something inspired by the art of Gabriel Schama.   I was inspired by a kickstarter for woodcut art (see resource link) by artist Gabriel Schama where he made coordinated patterns in 1/8 wood that were then layered to great effect. The process looked a little to me like the layers of a 3D print, so I decided to see if 3D printing could recreated the effect. I started with modeling the shape, only instead of intentional layers I made gradual slopes that the slicer would create layers. Then I cut it thick (low resolution settings) to see how the effect...

Art, Gabriel Schama
Deathly Hallows

An artistic rendering of the deathly hallows symbol with the actual deathly hallows. In this 1.5" tall pendant I combine the items of the Deathly Hallows; the Elder Wand, Resulrection Stone and Invisibility Cloak, into the form of the symbol that describes them. This object is 3D printed to order in your choice of colors.   This unique design by award winning 3D designer Joe Larson is one of a kind takes the imagery of the Deathly Hallows one step further than ever before.   "'The Elder Wand,' he said, and he drew a straight vertical line on the...

Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter
Bulldog 3D Model

I may have gone a little overboard when designing Squirrel Squabble. I needed a Bulldog icon, and I wanted to do it in relief (in retrospect I should have just made all my tiles flat, extruded icons). So I sculpted this bulldog so I could flatten it and re-skin it to make the tile. So now I have this bulldog and I have no idea how or when I'll ever use it. So.... have a bulldog.

Modified Space Wrench

My modifications to the Made in Space wrench. Made in Space sent a 3D printer to the international space station. Then when they needed a torque wrench up there they e-mailed them the designs for one that they could print themselves. And it worked.   But the original design suffered from a number of small flaws, as are normal for the first iteration of anything. For one, it could only tighten. For another thing it didn't have the Made In Space guy's name on it anywhere.   For the first problem this iteration features a removable center block which can be printed...

Modified Space Wrench
Autumn Egg Cup

Inspired by Gijs Birdsnest eggcup on Shapeways (resource link #1) I decided to make a similar egg cup since I don't think Gijs made his model available. To keep it fair I didn't reference Gijs work when making this one. Gijs is much better. Mine ended up looking more like a tree in Autumn, so that's what I'm calling this one.

Autumn, Egg Cup
Small Bird Egg Holders

Egg holders sized for small bird egg for display with artistic imagery of each bird. Perfect for egg collectors. Each prints in single color or great for changing filament at during printing for dramatic effect.

Birds, Egg, Egg Holder
Chessbot Hero Transforming Chess Set

See illustration for assembly help: * Forming the head and body by sliding the queen's tab into the middle of the king and sliding down. * Form shoulders by sliding in the two flat bottomed pawns into the body. * Form feet and legs by mating two of the pawns base-to-base and attaching the knights to one end. Then join the legs to the body at the hips. * Form the arms by mating one pawn base-to-base with the rook, and the bishop to the pawn. (Detail lovers will make sure the fingers are in the right place.) Then snap the rook into the shoulder pawn. Disassemble by reversing the...

Chess, Chessbot Hero, Transforming
Charles 'O Perry Inspired Chess Set

Inspired by the work of Charles O Perry but modified for support-less FDM home 3D printing. This chess set nests into each other and connects together to be it's own carrying case. Stylish but still recognizable. Reportedly only about 300 of the original sets exist because they were hand made, but with 3D printing scarcity is a thing of the past. This set is a redesign of how it appeared on Thingiverse. It's a little larger with thinner walls and will work better on more printers.

Charles O Perry, Chess
CoinAge Printed Coins Chest

My kids lost half my CoinAge coins so I decided to make something to keep them in. And what would be more appropriate than a treasure chest? (See the reference link for the coins.) Print the appropriate number of coin age coins, then print this chest to keep them in. Snap the lid on the body. Put the coins in and close the lid with the latch. When you want it to open simply insert a finger to move the latch a little and the lid will open.

Chest, Coinage
Chessbot Monster Transforming Chess Set

The battle has raged on for centuries. How will it end, on the field of strategy or in the grapple of combat? Only you can decide. Finally the original Chessbot Hero has a worthy opponent. This new robot assembles in a different and unique way to the original. * Form the body by sliding the tabs on the king and queen into the other and sliding. * From the head by taking the two "F" pawns and mating them base-to-base. * Slide the 4 "A" pawns into the body to form shoulders and legs. * Slide the head into the slot at the base of the king. * Join the "B" pawns to the knights...

Door Wedge of Cheese

Hold your door open and attract mice with false promises! The cheesiest way to prop open a door...

Cheese, Door Wedge
Alot of Plastic

The alot is a creation of Allie Brosh. If you're unfamiliar with the alot her explination are in the reference links.   I would like to have alot in my pocket. Then take it out, put it on my noggin, and tell everyone I have alot on my mind. You can print alot with your 3D printer. You can give alot to your friends. Alot! 

Cute Lovecraft Inspired Pawns

Replacement pawns for any game in a cute lovecraft style.   Hey, you! Wanna play a game? No, put those pieces away. We're gonna play with these... Snakes 'n Ladders? How about "Climb the Mountian of Madness"? Clue? How about "Mystery of the Dunwich House"? Monopoly? More like "Conquest of R'lyeh".   The set features Cthulhu, Othyueg, Shub-Niggurath and Yog-Soggoth.   I am now selling this set in my etsy store if you don't have a 3D printer click the reference link!

Lovecraft, Pawns
Caesar Cipher Decoder Ring

Write secret messages to your friends and decode them with this ring. The Caesar Cipher is one of the simplest codes. Simply shift the alphabet by some amount and use that alphabet to write your message, or in this case twist the rings so that the letter line up in the right order. This is actually 2 nested rings that print together and turn independently. It's big enough to fit on a finger tho it may be too big for regular wear. Both ends of the message will need a ring. The first letter of the message should be the what A in the top ring alligns to in the bottom ring. When encoding use...

Cipher Decoder Ring
Love Letter: Heart Tokens

Love Letter is a great game. But it's "token of affection" red cubes doesn't look very "affection"y. Why not replace them with this? Print 13 of these tokens and throw those red cubes away. Or, you know, you can use those for whatever you want. It's a heart.

Heart, Hearts, Tokens
Recorder (Music instrument)

Fully playable 3D printable woodwinds instrument. The recorder is one of the oldest woodwind instruments. In the hands of an experienced player it creates a sound synonymous with Renaissance music. Often used in elementary music classes because of it's ease of operation. With 3D printing everyone can have one of their own to make beautiful music on... or wailing screeches if they never got past "hot crossed buns". This instrument was created with the help of the 3D printing community who helped me iterate designs until this version became a reality.

Instrument, Recorder, Wind Instrument
Chinese Chess - Iconified Xiangqi Set

Chinese Chess set with icons instead of Chinese characters. This set was designed to preserve the shape of traditional sets to allow for playing common variations like Banqi (dark/half chess). The icons were chosen to be easy for western players to learn. The provided board is half a Chinese Chess board fitted to print on 8 1/2x11 paper. Print 2 and tape the together to play the full game or print one to play Banqi. (I play a lot of Banqi.)

Chess, Chinese Chess
Coin Age 3D printed board

This 3D printed version of the PnP board for Adam P. McIver's Coin Age game ( This board has distinct 3D features for each zone and recessions for coins or 3D printed coin tokens ( The card size version takes up only slightly more space than the credit card size of the original board, if slightly thicker, but would still fit in a dress pants pocket. For greatest effect change filament colors at regular intervals. Change the deluxe board...

Coin Age
3D Printed Coin Tokens

These coins can be used as replacements for games that use pocket change for tokens. They're designed specifically for Adam P. McIver's Coin Age (, but they can also be use to play other games like Mapple ( Each coin has unique elements to distinguish it. The coins are sized similarly sized to pocket change, ranging in size from quarter to dime, and are slightly thicker than traiditional coins (3mm thick) to make them easier to handle as...

Squirrel Squabble 3D

Squirrel Squabble is a 2 player print-and-play board game by Rebecca Bissell. 2 players choose their moves that they'll play against each other to try to collect 5 acorns and return home. Mud pits and bulldog will bar the way and you can squabble with your opponent to try to steal their acorns. This edition enhances the game with 3D printable pieces. Rules are included in PDF form. Recommend booklet printing and cutting the Action Cards into seperate cards for the players. Original verison available on Board Game Geek at:

Board Game, Game, Simp, Squirrel, Toy
Cymon's Designs 3D print test

This was designed to be a showcase piece and logo for Cymon's Designs ( ), however the wordpress template that I'm using won't allow me to use an image. Ah well, it's still a cool print. Every letter showcases a different challenge. Overhangs, fine details, and bridging, as well as others are present. It's designed for printers with .4mm nozzles. Print double sized for an assured successful print. From the side it's some strange alien landscape. From above its a logo.