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Cookie Cutters!

Enjoy making catepillars, bats, pac-man, and unicorn shaped cookies! 3D print solid, make cookie dough, and press in cookie cutter!.

Caterpillar, Cookie Cutter
GlaDOS Robotic Arm Ceiling Lamp

A printable model of GlaDOS that functions as a ceiling lamp. It also has servo mounts and can function as a 4 DOF robotic arm. (Now with the controller included in the downloads) Instructions EDIT: Over a month later and here we...

Glados, Glados Robotic Arm, Robotic Arm
Hate Ticks?

This is an experimental device to remove ticks. Put tick through the big hole - flat side against your skin. Pull along skin while pressing down to force the tick down the channel. Make sure you get the 'blades' under the head. Fortunately, we are...

Tick, Ticks
3dhacker Printer Test

A. The organic area just looks pretty and shows how well your printer can print details like this.  B. The arms of the 3 each extend at different angles to test overhang. The top one extends at 60 degrees which may be a challenge for some to...

3dhacker Test, Printer Test