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Inspired by "[another] M.C.Escher fish" and based on , here's a 3D-printable model. This is quite challenging to print accurately enough to tessellate multiple objects... many of mine needed some sanding or carving to make them fit. The...

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V-Slot Construction Set

V-Slot Construction Set - Extrusion, Caps, Wheels, Rails, Plates, and Linkers Currently included modules: - 20x V-Slot Extrusion (20x20, 20x40, 20x60, and 20x80) - 40x40 V-Slot Extrusion - Flat Linker - Angled Linker - Wheel - OpenRail - 20mm Gantry Plate - Universal Gantry Plate - OpenRail Gantry Plates - End Caps - T-Nuts • • • •

Cnc Plotter, Extrusion, Plates, Rails, V Slot, Wheels