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Universal stand-alone filament spool holder

A fully 3D-printable rotating stand for filament spools, designed to be easily made without the need for fasteners such as screws, nuts, shafts, glue, etc. Every single component in this spool holder comes right from your 3D printer's filament.

The s…

Tape Applicator

One thing found to be critical to successful bonding of the initial layers is strongly applied tape. This 3D printed applicator will help ensure strong adhesion of tape on the print bed. Due to the harder edge than that of a credit card, it will als…

3d Printer Enclosure Vent Adapter

I have a DIY enclosure for my Buko Bot Duo, this is an adapter I made that you snap into a 1" hole in the side, and allows you to stick a vacuum there.  I have an old Rainbow "filter / vacuum" (look up rainbow cleaning system) that I use to take car…