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Amon mask





Escher Fish #20

Inspired by "[another] M.C.Escher fish" and based on http://www.mcescher.com/gallery/symmetry/no-20-fish/ , here's a 3D-printable model.

This is quite challenging to print accurately enough to tessellate multiple objects... many of mine needed some…

led ring

16 led ring ws2812





Chocolate Mold

Use this model to cast in silicone and create a chocolate mold. The model is designed to look like an ingot.

Me in 3D by Cymon

Honestly, it's narcissistic enough my making this and putting it up here. If you print this out I am going to wonder what's wrong with you.

A 1/5 scale model of my head. It's designed to print successfully on FFF home 3D printers without needing su…

Angel Moroni Statue

A representation of the statue that decorates the top of many Mormon temples.   Upon the top of many temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a statue of an angel blowing a trumpet, the angel Moroni. I wanted to try my ha…

Gabriel Schama inspired Art Piece

A pendant... or car hanging. Something inspired by the art of Gabriel Schama.   I was inspired by a kickstarter for woodcut art (see resource link) by artist Gabriel Schama where he made coordinated patterns in 1/8 wood that were then layered…

Autumn Egg Cup

Inspired by Gijs Birdsnest eggcup on Shapeways (resource link #1) I decided to make a similar egg cup since I don't think Gijs made his model available. To keep it fair I didn't reference Gijs work when making this one. Gijs is much better. Mine end…

Small Bird Egg Holders

Egg holders sized for small bird egg for display with artistic imagery of each bird. Perfect for egg collectors. Each prints in single color or great for changing filament at during printing for dramatic effect.

Alot of Plastic

The alot is a creation of Allie Brosh. If you're unfamiliar with the alot her explination are in the reference links.
I would like to have alot in my pocket. Then take it out, put it on my noggin, and tell everyone I have alot on my mind. You can pr…