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Drain repair for Joseph Joseph "Connect" Dish Drainer / adjustable dishrack

Our "Connect" was dropped once and fell onto the water drain.
The plastic seems to be unglueable (at least some ASA brim didn't attach to it via cyano acrylate), so I made another drain, that goes under the original one.
The idea is that a second p…

Remixed toothbrush holder for Oral B

Just wanted to share, what I did with Kistenschieber's forward pass.

Biohazardous Candy Kickbin

Inspired by the retirement of Ron Marcus from the VA hospital, to be filled with jelly beans and put on top of his retirement cake.  Prototyped at the Innovation Lab on the 3rd floor of the Central Public Library in downtown San Diego, CA. (https://…

3M 6xxx series hook

I have a 3M 6502 (medium size) mask and wanted a nice hook to stop it competing with my shop apron.

Should be compatible with pretty much any similar respirator / mask.

Spool Drawer with labelling insert, SD200K

This is a (dual) spool drawer, customized for the Häfner SD 200 K used by e.g. Dasfilament and FormFutura.
A labelling field has been added, but I did not test if the parameters still work.
Just compiled that specific STL and printed it unaltered as w…

Minimalist bottle balancer (parametric)

Minimalist bottle balancer (parametric)


Corner shelf for FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E
Further description see: https://burningbecks.wordpress.com/2017/11/22/fritzshelf/
Made with Tinkercad: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/5NfbHzsJjcu-corner-shelf-for-fritzwlan-repeater-1750e

Bed Riser

This is a 3" Bed Riser that can be stacked to increase the height of your bed.

Bed Risers cost anywhere from $5 - $22
This model costs about $2.50 to print.

Ikea Lunna Leg Caps

Replacement leg caps for the Ikea Lunna chair

Clothes Hanger Hook

This hook is used to saved space when hanging bulkier clothes in your closet. It lowers the bulk point enabling someone to hang more clothes in their closet or keep an outfit together to eliminate searching for the other article of clothing.

Double Banana Hook

Base and hook for hanging bananas. Threaded design, use command strips to attach cabinet. Used Dan Kirshner's ISO-standard thread library[http://dkprojects.net/openscad-threads/]  for OpenSCAD.

Rocking Nail Polish Holder

Place any bottle of nail polish in this holder while you paint your nails. It will tip and wobble but never fall or spill. When you want to get more polish on your brush, tilt it to one of the sides and it will hold steady for you. 

Plastic -- …

Toothbrush holder

This is a toothbrush holder. It can be customized to hold more toothbrushes or to be made larger. A commercial equivalent is around $7.59, giving a cost savings of $6.56.

Face Cookie Cutter

A cookie cutter of someone's face!

A custom cookie cutter costs $50.77 on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Copypastry?ref=l2-shopheader-name).  A 10g cookie cutter costs $0.23 based on $22.98/kg.  Printing a custom cookie cutter yourself saves $50.54,…

Microwave Turntable Gear Replacements

These are two different gear styles that make the microwave plate turn. They were designed as replacement parts. The three pronged gear may need to be scaled slightly to fit your microwave. Most microwaves should use one of these style parts.

Extended Razor Stand

This razor stand is fully printable, and requires no hardware for assembly. It is capable of storing up to Four (4) double edge, straight, or even cartridge razors, and up to two (2) shaving brushes. The stand also has a wide base to store soaps or …

Necktie Hanger

This hanger will hold 12 ties all in one spot, much like a shirt hanger. I uploaded a connctor I was working on but havent perfected yet. I used a M3 x 40 bolt to secure the tie holder to the hanger hook.

Variable Holder Clamp

This variable holder clamp was designed to hold a computer headset on the edge of a table for convenient storage. It is parametric in almost every setting. While it is meant for being attached to a horizontal table or desk edge, it can be applied to…

Modular wine rack

A module wine rack. All the pieced can be printed individually and constructed how ever you want it to look. The rack can even be mounted upside if need be (would need to have a special mount bracket made), only tested with one full bottle of wine u…

Beer Holder for Desk

I cant upload FreeCad files on this site so please go to Thingiverse for FreeCAD: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1188195

Holder for beer. Attaches to desk via simple friction fit. Even has a little hook on the side to hang your bottle opener. Of co…

3D printed cell phone cup hold for lg g3

Have a cup holder without a use? Have a Lg G3? well then you need the cellphone cup holder! Tilted at an optimal 20 degrees in the horizontal orientation.

Potato Masher

This kitchen can be used to mash potatos that have been boiled. Using 3D printer and filament the potato masher serves as a cheaper alternative than commercial mashers.The potato masher has a total print time of 2 hr 1 min. The potato masher has two…

Holder for Things in the Bathroom

A simple bar for the bathroom to hold razor shaving and tooth brushes

Coat Hook - Closet Hanger

Simple coat hook or hanger designed to be mounted with common drywall or wood screws.

Arrow Display Hook

My son was presented with an arrow upon graduation from Webelos, so he needed a place to keep and display it. So that's what this is.

It's designed to be held in place with 2 push pins. We only had the big ones, so it kind of traps the arrow in the…

Customizable Rolling Pin Holders

My wife got these new age rolling pins - that are great but they turned out to be too large for the drawers. 3D printer to the rescue -- reasonably stylish toroids to hold them on the kitchen cabinet.

Slanted Stacking Bins

The floor of these bins are are slanted towards the front. Half sized bins are also available.

Useful garage storage solution

Electric Outlet Covers and Plugs

The idea for this set of things it to make the base designs for custom outlet covers both decora and duplex.

The first goal of this project is for electric safety for families with young children with an unhealthy interest in electric outlets. Some…

Toilet Paper Wall Holder

TP holder to be attached to a wall by 3M strips.

Physical Photoresistor Regulating Device

This model is designed for the average outdoor floodlight with a photoresistor. At my house, I have several of these lights, and when one turns on, it shuts the others off. This design limits the angle of light exposure to each light.

Christmas Tree Stand

An adjustable stand for holding up a Christmas tree.  Parameter within the OpenSCAD file can be changed to accomadate different size tree trunks and leg length.

wine glass hanger

A 3D Printed wine glass holder using the RepRap Delta model 3 d printer with PLA filament. the holders are easy to print and can be attached under a shelf or cupboard by 3/16" bolts and nuts for simplicity. A general wine glass holder can cost anywh…