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Parametric Guitar Bridge

default values work well on an old Yamaha. It can also be used to make the nut by adjusting spreadsheet values accordingly. I would suggest ABS or harder material, and would consider making it a little bit extra tall, and having a professional fina…

Marshall JCM 900 handle cap (remix)

Rounded the corners of pololevu's "jcm900 Handle endcap" to compensate the "elephant's foot" when printing.
Parts shown were printed on Prusa's textured (flexible, removable) steel sheet for visual appeal.
These caps fit the "old version" of the amp.

Canoa Para Tom, Surdo e Caixa Odery Fluence FLU-TSL-P Unitário

Canoa Odery

Canoa para caixa e surdo feito com ABS

Podem ser usadas em tons, surdos e caixas.

• Distância entre furos de fixação 24mm.
• Base para fixar parafuso no casco e a base de borracha.
• Suspensas com mínimo contato com casco que resulta em m…

Parametric Saxophone Mouthpiece

Parametric saxophone mouthpiece. Using Openscad and attached source code, you can easily modify the dimensions of this mouthpiece: length, diameter, bore, chamber size, baffle thickness...etc. You can 1) alter the code to produce mouthpieces for any…

Guitar Tone Knobs

Tone knobs for my electric guitar. Snap on type. The cost of these knobs would run for about $8.00 a set but these printable ones cost only  a few cents to print. This is a cost savings of near $7.50

Recorder (Music instrument)

Fully playable 3D printable woodwinds instrument.

The recorder is one of the oldest woodwind instruments. In the hands of an experienced player it creates a sound synonymous with Renaissance music. Often used in elementary music classes because of it…