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Transformer / PSU holder for Kettler "EX1" exercise bike

Keeps cables out of the way while moving it.
Wanted to move that ergometer without haven to dis- and reconnect the transformer every time (and then fetch it again where I left it). You'll loose half of the maximum cable length, but for me it's easier…

chapstick holder

chapstick holder

Flashlight Mount

Flashlight Mount for Bikes.

Catch More Fish (Rod Holder) by jetty

An automatic hook setter for a standard ice fishing rod.

This device dramatically increases your hookup rate, by setting the hook automatically when the fish takes the bait.

It's also safer for fish than conventional means if you're practicing cat…

Catch More Fish by jetty

An automatic hook setter for a standard ice fishing rod.

This device dramatically increases your hookup rate, by setting the hook automatically when the fish takes the bait.

It's also safer for fish than conventional means if you're practicing cat…

Longboard Bearing Water, Rust and Dust Sheild

This product is paramedic, so you can change it to fit with whatever wheel size you have. The material costs less around $1 for my wheel size, and will vary slightly with how big of a wheel you print it for. 

Both pieces are press fit into inner cy…

Mossberg 500 Accesories

Pistol grip and picatinny rail for use on a Mossberg 500 12 gauge. May be usable with other Mossberg models. Printed with a 25% infill with supports touching base. Feels solid but has not been tested yet.

Hockey Tape Case/Dispenser

This hockey tape case/dispensor will protect hockey tape from getting dirty when tossed in a hockey bag as well as provide a cutting edge to rip the tape when taping up your stick.

Longboard Droid Turbo Mount

Phone mount for a Droid Turbo, allows the user to make longboarding videos. There is no Droid specific mount as far as I know; most people tend to use Gopro's. Most board mounts on the market mount with screws through the deck or mount a camera belo…

Ski Waxing Vises

Description can be found here(site is cutting off text): http://pastebin.com/CCkgUfjc

These vises were designed to assist in waxing downhill skis. They were modeled after SWIX Power Pro Vise (http://www.swixsport.com/Products/Wax-Tuning/Tuning-Equipm…

AR15 Freefloat Handguard

This is a freefloat handguard of a AR-15 rifle. It is 7 inches long and works best for an AR pistol. With a 25% infill there is 106 g of fillament used. Using hatchbox fillament from amazon the final cost came out to be $2.33 compared to a retail co…

Uni-Troll Downrigger Base

Uni-Troll Downrigger Base compatible with all Uni-Troll Cannon downriggers. Made for MY4777 'Big Money' project at Michigan Tech under the instruction of Dr. Joshua Pearce. 

Chair Protector

Chair leg protector

Trolling Motor Prop

A prop that should work on a trolling motor. The mounting hole has to altered to whatever model you have, those are in the begining and commented out.

During the scetion where the mounting hole is removed from the solid part, I would reccomend removi…

Snowboard binding degree plate

This is a standard degree plate for snowboard bindings.
Size is modeled off of a Burton binding but slots are made to fit to a 2cmx4cm or 4cmx4xm hole pattern.
Made using OpenSCAD and code can be ultered for quick and easy dimension changes if need

Soccer Shin Guards

I replaced a cracked shin guard with a 3D printed version. This was done for the Michigan Tech course MY4777. The plastic for a set of shin guards would cost $1.32. The shin guards were purchased for $15.90 from Dunhams. This is a cost saving of $14…

Michigan Tech Divot Removal Tool

As I began preparing my Christmas list this year I started to browse the internet for cool gadgets I could add to my collection at home. I stumbled upon a really expensive divot tool (somewhere around $15 - $20); this agitated me to the point where …

Powder Baskets

3D Print your very own powder baskets for skiing or hiking poles!

Using a parametric SCAD file to customize the baskets for your needs.

Inputs for pole diamter, basket size, and strength.

Designed to press fit onto an existing barb using heat to melt t…

hockey helper

This tool will assist any hockeyplayer trying to learn how to properly stick handle. Just clip it onto your stick and your ready to go. The cost of this print is less than a dollar, which is a 90%cost savings.

Customizable Tent Spike

This is a simple open-source parametric tent spike to be used to hold a tent or anything else you need to keep on the ground out in a field. We are using them to test different prototypes of small-scale portable solar photovoltaic racking designs.


Paddle and Oar Hooks

Do you have paddles or oars laying around? Make some custom hooks for them and hang them on your walls.

Measure the width of your paddle or oar in mm and then use the Customizer to make a custom hook for it. You can adjust the angle of the hooks, len…

eSherpa - First Electrically Driven eTrolley

The eSherpa - the first electrically driven eTrolley for tandem pilots!

eSherpa is the first electrically driven eTrolley for tandem pilots. Strong enough to carry 30 kg uphill and compact enough to be flown back down …

Of course there are plenty …

Bolt for MTU-777 Rock Wall Assignment

This is the bolt we are using for the rockwall assignment in MTU's Open Source 3-D Printing Class.

Rock Wall Hold Example

This is an example for the rockwall assignment in MTU's  Open Source 3-D Printing Class.