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20mm x 40mm MGN12 Linear Rail Stop Mount-Alignment Tool

20mm x 40mm MGN12 linear rail alignment mount for the WorkHorse 3D Printer . Although this was designed for the WorkHorse Printer it can be used on any 2040 frame extrusion and MGN12 linear rail.

Part 1 Test

It's my first part that I made in Fusion360.



Nema 17 Motor Mount Bracket - WorkHorse 3D Printer

Nema 17 Motor Mount Bracket

This is the Nema 17 z-axis motor mount for the Workhorse 3d printer . The Workhorse is a large build area 3d printer that uses lead screw on the xyz axis.  


It is a simple mug that I designed in onshape a few years ago.
I linked a video from Prusa3d which explains how you can make 3d prints food safe

It is okay to sell the mug printed.

USB C plug dust cap

Designed for a Würth Elektronik card reader.
This one came with a cap for Type A / the card slot, but not Type C.
...so I called some "hull()" functions in OpenSCAD.
Should also fit other USB Type C plugs.

Slip over phone holder for BMW i3/i3s dashboard, customizable

STL designed for Moto G7 Plus ("Lake") in rubber case.

As the BMW i3 instrument cluster is rather small, I made this phone holder.
(You still require a big printer to print it in one piece.)

Visibility is not optimal, but Deep OBD can re-arrange the da…

Keyfob Case for BMW i3, flat bottom

Occasionally the buttons on these remotes get triggered inside your pocket.
MadeOnFilm's model fits my BMW i3s' key, but it needs support when printed upright.
And my PETG-print cracked.

To get a tougher version I flattened the bottom to change orien…

CoreXY Carriage

CoreXY Carriage

This is the y-axis carriage for the SolidCore CoreXY 3D Printer . The Solidcore printer is an open-source RepRap design by 3D Distributed. The new version also assembles a direct drive extruder.

Belt Path

The belt path uses the cr…

Electronic pills organizer

Pillbox is a ready-to-use electronic board, which you can use to make an electronic pills organizer by yourself with 3d printer.
Check our short presentation on youtube: https://youtu.be/4d_TTwBO_TY

Using a regular organizer you have to arrange pills …

CoreXY Motor Mount

CoreXY Motor Mount

This is the new motor mount to the SolidCore 3D Printer.
I've been working on a modular and scalable corexy design called the SolidCore for over a year now. The plan is to have a platform or ecosystem of parts that can be used o…

Mask dryer, jewelry tree style - parametric

...for upcyling beer bottles and some sticks (as well as something to heavy to fill up the rest of the bottle - e.g. sand).

This piece uses an old beer bottle as foot and takes up some 6 mm wooden sticks.

Code can be customzied in OpenSCAD an re-compi…

Parametric Rhodonea vase

This OpenSCAD code generates a Rhodonea curve as described on this Wikipedia page
and extrudes it into 3 dimensions to form a vase or bowl. If you have OpenSCAD, you can download the .scad file to your …

Parametric "Recycled CD Case Doll House / Toy Shelves"

Really liked the idea of turning the old pile of slim CD cases into useful toys.
Took inspiration from galile0 and the remixes from piep3d and samuele79j.

...didn't really turn out good enough for the kid, though.
=> Feel free to take up the code …

Jackpad for BMWs, customizable in OpenSCAD

My previous design didn't work as expected, so I took up Bens_Basement's geometry and startet OpenSCAD, like ecloud did.

This upload is meant to fit my CMI ZQ20002 hydraulic trolley floor jack.
To get the geometry of Bens_Basement just enter:

TronXY X5S CoreXY MGN12 linear rail on 2020 profile conversion with E3D Hemera

Overhauled my previous designs to fit the Hemera and combined them into a single X/Y-axis set.

Detailed description at https://burningbecks.wordpress.com/2021/03/24/tronxy-x5s-upgrade-to-e3d-hemera/

STLs are zipped.

Previous designs:

Customizable "Ear Saver" strap

After testing multiple "Ear Saver" designs, I found the "Surgical Mask Strap Support by BlackoakStudio", which is shaped by snapping two halfes together, to be the most scalp-friendly.

On the other hand I prefer hooks instead of pins to catch the m…

Configurable cable protector for M365 and similar e-scooter

For 1 to 3 single or double cables.

The stl files are for an additional 2 x 2.5mm² (14AWG) cable (external battery pack)

Flat nose prevention clip for face masks (shaper, former)

For community masks with fabric ties.

While I like the fact, that this style of mask doesn't put pressure behind your ears, it flattens my nose - so I made an addition to alvarosm's clip via OpenSCAD.

Note, that the STL is licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, by…

openWB-stamped Raspberry Pi 3 Wall Mount Case

This is a remix of RT3D Workshop's Raspberry Pi 3 Wall Mount Case.
Just added the openWB-Logo via OpenSCAD, to use it for openWB Standalone (https://openwb.de/shop/?product=openwb-standalone).
Code zipped together with the template - detailed comments…

Bicycle Kickstand Cap, customizable in OpenSCAD

As no pre-designed cap will ever fit your recently lost rubber foot, here's a version you can parameterize and compile yourself. ;-)

The one depicted was printed in dasfilament PLA "Schwarz matt" (matte black).

Twisted box

There are two versions of this box. The exterior is identical in both. In one version, two identically-shaped pieces screw together to form the box. In the other version, the top and bottom are different to give it a taller interior space. To make t…

BMW i3 / i3s Headrest Double Bag Hooks for shoe laces

As the BMW i3 has some pretty unique seats, the great "Car Headrest Bag Hooks by muzz64" (inspiration-link) doesn't fit.
Luckily I could remix the "Parametric hook with backing plate by ZombieFeynman" (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3722448), add …

Charge port weather cover for BMW i3 / i3s (I01, Mega City Vehicle)

Meant to reduce water influx and keep snow out

My EV is usually parked in the driveway and BMW designed the charging port like the fuel fillers they did before.
While I don't doubt, that rain water will find it's way around the contacts, I stumbled up…

Drain repair for Joseph Joseph "Connect" Dish Drainer / adjustable dishrack

Our "Connect" was dropped once and fell onto the water drain.
The plastic seems to be unglueable (at least some ASA brim didn't attach to it via cyano acrylate), so I made another drain, that goes under the original one.
The idea is that a second p…

Rey Mago

Escaneado con Rangevision 3d Scanners

Figura en yeso escaneada sobre plato giratorio.

"Nanohack 2.0" face mask - Lost World Order remix with altered strap mount

Copper 3d's "solidrim" face mask fits my face pretty good, but the version you can download at opensourcemask.com (or https://copper3d.com/stl/gfacemasknanohack.zip) comes without a logo (or other pattern to increase airflow).
Good thing the CC BY-NC…

P3Steel SumPanel mount

After the latest upgrades to my TronXY X5S (https://burningbecks.wordpress.com/tag/x5s/) the bits box was full of RepRap components.
The main reason for starting building with the P3Steel frame was to put some parts, still too good to be just thrown …

P3Steel Version 2.5 RAMPS spacer / offset mount

As my "v2.5" frame (with motor mounts on the side panels) could not be fitted with toolson's orignal "RAMPS offset mount" I made this in Open SCAD.

Materials needed:
4x M3 nut
4x M3 nyloc nut
6x M3x6
2x M3x20

Transformer / PSU holder for Kettler "EX1" exercise bike

Keeps cables out of the way while moving it.
Wanted to move that ergometer without haven to dis- and reconnect the transformer every time (and then fetch it again where I left it). You'll loose half of the maximum cable length, but for me it's easier…

Marshall JCM 900 handle cap (remix)

Rounded the corners of pololevu's "jcm900 Handle endcap" to compensate the "elephant's foot" when printing.
Parts shown were printed on Prusa's textured (flexible, removable) steel sheet for visual appeal.
These caps fit the "old version" of the amp.

Another door hook for "poor man's flip chart" parts

Had to adapt "Poor mans Flipchart V2 by ralfa" (which is a remix of "Poor mans flip chart by hellpower") to the doors at our office.
Used OpenSCAD 2019.05 to keep everything customizable.