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Bus design, scale 1/43.


Car design, scale /43.


Car design, SUW, scale 1/43.


Car design, sedan, scale 1/43.


Car design, scale 1/43.

Moskvich Svyatogor

Moscow cars, scale 1/34.



Lamp shade

Click on globe/Resource link to get more files


Business card belt holder

Business card belt holder (meetings, presentations)

Coffee holder

Useable holder for hot coffee or tea, more files here:

SolidCore CoreXY Gantry

SolidCore CoreXY Gantry

This is the gantry / carriage design for the SolidCore CoreXY 3D Printer. For More Information see  CoreXY
While the SolidCore printer design is still a work in progress, the corexy build is slowly materializing. For now, we…


Simple funnel 3D model, more files here:


Roman numerals for hours.

Roman numerals for homemade watches. Height 23 mm., Thickness 4 mm.

Sliding door handle.

The handles have been designed for a sliding door. And he made it white as his wife wanted. The handle is made in two versions, one ordinary, and the other with a small grip. Holes were not added to the model, who wants to can drill, I ju…

Case for manicure cutters.

The case is designed for my daughter who is fond of manicure. The question arose about storing and transporting cutters. As the loop core, we used a filament rod cut with a diameter of 1.75 mm. The fixation magnets are glued on super glue and stick …

Bosch Rotak 32 Lawn Mower Chain Tensioner

Bosch Rotak 32 Lawn Mower Chain Tensioner

PC power supply case.

This project was created for a garage. The basis was an old, but working power supply unit from a PC with a capacity of 450 watts. A portable LED lamp, a compressor and an old screwdriver converted to work from the mains were connected to it. Probes…

Parametric Camera Tripod Mount Wedge Plate

should work with most rectangular wedge mounts

anti-drop cup with spoon

anti-drop cup with spoon

Parametric Guitar Bridge

default values work well on an old Yamaha. It can also be used to make the nut by adjusting spreadsheet values accordingly. I would suggest ABS or harder material, and would consider making it a little bit extra tall, and having a professional fina…

Key ring pillbox, customizable (by default for Ratiopharm IBU / ASS)

"Welcome to adulthood, I hope you like ibuprofen."

This container should keep a singled out pill sealed up.
The key ring prevents it from sliding out.

Tested with "IBU-ratiopharm 400 mg akut" and "ASS-ratiopharm 500 mg".
Cut to size with nail scissors.


Magnetic outlet hose holder for tumble dryers

Parametric, default uses four 10mm NdFeB magnets for a 100mm hose.

We needed some way to fix the outlet hose of our tumbler and there is a steel grid barring the cellar window. That could be used for anchoring this hose holder via neodymium magnets.

Amon mask






20mm x 40mm MGN12 Linear Rail Stop Mount-Alignment Tool

20mm x 40mm MGN12 linear rail alignment mount for the WorkHorse 3D Printer . Although this was designed for the WorkHorse Printer it can be used on any 2040 frame extrusion and MGN12 linear rail.

Part 1 Test

It's my first part that I made in Fusion360.



Nema 17 Motor Mount Bracket - WorkHorse 3D Printer

Nema 17 Motor Mount Bracket

This is the Nema 17 z-axis motor mount for the Workhorse 3d printer . The Workhorse is a large build area 3d printer that uses lead screw on the xyz axis.  


It is a simple mug that I designed in onshape a few years ago.
I linked a video from Prusa3d which explains how you can make 3d prints food safe

It is okay to sell the mug printed.

USB C plug dust cap

Designed for a Würth Elektronik card reader.
This one came with a cap for Type A / the card slot, but not Type C.
...so I called some "hull()" functions in OpenSCAD.
Should also fit other USB Type C plugs.

Slip over phone holder for BMW i3/i3s dashboard, customizable

STL designed for Moto G7 Plus ("Lake") in rubber case.

As the BMW i3 instrument cluster is rather small, I made this phone holder.
(You still require a big printer to print it in one piece.)

Visibility is not optimal, but Deep OBD can re-arrange the da…

Keyfob Case for BMW i3, flat bottom

Occasionally the buttons on these remotes get triggered inside your pocket.
MadeOnFilm's model fits my BMW i3s' key, but it needs support when printed upright.
And my PETG-print cracked.

To get a tougher version I flattened the bottom to change orien…