Adjustable Cat Fountain

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Licensing: Attribution - CC BY
Layer Height: 0.38
3D Software: OpenSCAD
Printer Used: Lulzbot Taz 6
Slicer: Cura Lulzbot Edition
Infill: 20%
Support Material: Yes
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Designs for an adjustable cat fountain that uses a small water pump. The design was made for a enamel bowl but can be adjusted for any bowl by editing the .scad code in OpenSCAD. If you don't wish to downlaod OpenSCAD the parts can be customized here: The completed print in clear PP is of the Cat_fountain_3.stl. The print ran out of filament while printing the pump tube but the part still worked. After the part was edited to further minimize material use and the Cat_fountain_angle_channel.stl was generated in OpenSCAD. I was unable to upload the OpenSCAD files to so they have been uploaded here: along with additional information.