"Nanohack 2.0" face mask - Lost World Order remix with altered strap mount

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Licensing: Attribution - Non Commercial - CC BY - NC
Attribution Link: https://www.opensourcemask.com/en/download1/item/40-copper3d-nanohack-2-0-chile.html
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Copper 3d's "solidrim" face mask fits my face pretty good, but the version you can download at opensourcemask.com (or https://copper3d.com/stl/gfacemasknanohack.zip) comes without a logo (or other pattern to increase airflow).
Good thing the CC BY-NC 4.0 license allows remixes!

As Lost World Order are about to play their last concert in december (see https://metalconspiracy.de/ for more info on that), their old logo (from "This Apparatus Must Be Earthed!") has the right shape and "Endzeit Thrash Metal" goes well with face masks anyway, I extracted that via Inkscape and stamped it.

Furthermore I wanted to use the headstrap from some old ski goggles, so I altered the fixture for that. Zip ties now affix the strap.

Copper 3D stuff for this specific version is included, but I left out the version with separate rim here.
Read their explanations - I reject any responsibility for health issues.
This is NOT personal protective equipment (PPE).

For image to STL conversion see: https://cubehero.com/2013/11/11/how-to-generate-extruded-3d-model-from-images-in-openscad/

Edit: The upload-issue commented on seems to be solved. :-)


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