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This project was created for a garage. The basis was an old, but working power supply unit from a PC with a capacity of 450 watts. A portable LED lamp, a compressor and an old screwdriver converted to work from the mains were connected to it. Probes with connection to "banana" type connectors were also brought out to test different types of 12 Volt consumers. Who is interested in the links to all components are attached below.
The case is designed in such a way that the back and front panels are inserted into the case separately and do not interfere with the connection. The body and lid were printed with ABS plastic from Bestfilament, the front and back panels were printed with PLA plastic from FDplast. In the lower part of the body, there are grooves for M3 nuts for connecting the top cover by means of M3 screws.
This is certainly not a laboratory power supply, but a very useful thing for me. !!!
Components for assembly.

Contacts Gx16:  http://alii.pub/5x2v52
Switches:  http://alii.pub/5x2v8y
Fuse box:  http://alii.pub/5x2vab
Voltmeter:  http://alii.pub/5x2vdm
Fan:  http://alii.pub/5x2vez
Rubber feet:  http://alii.pub/5x2vio
Power socket (IEC C8):  http://alii.pub/5x2vk8
Banana socket:  http://alii.pub/5x2vm6


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