Filament joiner for multicoloured prints

Upload # 564
Infill: 100%
Slicer: kisslicer
Printer Used: Type A
Layer Height: 200
Support Material: No
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Member Since: May 30, 2013
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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I wanted to print some multicolored prints but wasn't sure how. After doing some looking around on the web I found a filament joiner on thingiverse. It used a milled aluminum block and a resistor cemented into a hole using heat resistant cement. This seemed like a lot of work and I don't have a mill so I thought of using a ceramic hair straightener to do the same job. After setting up the straightener with a gap just large enough to fit the filament. I could join the two pieces very easily. When joining the filament make sure the joint does not expand when pushed together. This will cause your printer to jam. Join the filament well then pull on both pieces gently to narrow the joint. Enjoy printing your rainbow prints

The filament used in these prints came from




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