Winter Carnival Letter Models

Upload # 813
Licensing: Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike - CC BY - NC - SA
3D Software: OpenSCAD
Layer Height: .25 mm
Printer Used: MOST Deltabot
Slicer: Cura
Infill: 25 to 100
Support Material: No
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Member Since: Dec 10, 2014
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3D printable replacements to the typical wax letters utilized at Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival Snow Statue competition. The plastic letters will be reusable, easier to attach to snow than the wax, and are easily scaled to any size with OpenSCAD. For simplicity, the editing SCAD file and all base STLs have been loaded in a ZIP file. 

Each model has a small recess that may be filled with slushy snow and then stuck to the prepared ice surface. It is advised to utilize the OpenSCAD document to scale your letter to the desired size and mirror it across the x axis, which will properly orient the letter when the recess is placed downward. 


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