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This is a tablet and/or phone stand. Currently I do not have one and felt it would be necessary as I use my phone and my tablet for watching TV shows and movies quite often (since I don't pay for cable, and don't always have a internet accessible TV around). It's also helpful for reading books or notes. Therefore this will be very useful in my every day life as I get frustrated trying to lean my devices against something and having them fall over again and again - but not anymore!

The commercial equivalent seems to be around $9.99 (check Amazon). This printed at 80% of its size and with 20% infill costs roughly about $1.40. Pretty cheap and affordable - I could print a few of these to have for multiple devices or to have in different locations, and even print some for friends and family.

Note: Have not printed yet but will very soon and will post pictures and update anything as necessary.


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