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This is a stand for a Nintendo 3DS XL. This would primarily be useful if you wanted to setup your DS to watch Netflix or play a game that mostly required use of the touch pad. As an option you can choose to cut out pieces of rubber and glue them on the faces of the 3DS holder, which will ensure your 3DS does not get scratched. I have included the OpenSCAD file for the DS holder in case you would like to edit it in order to fit in a thicker rubber piece.

Needed parts:
1. 3D printer & filament
2. Glue
3. Thin piece of rubber

1. Print out both parts
2. Clean any printing imperfections
3. Cut a piece of rubber into five sections that are large enough to cover each face inside the 3DS holder
4. Glue these pieces of rubber to their respective faces
5. Sand the top of the pillars on the base if necessary to ensure a flat surface
6. Center and glue together the top and bottom parts


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