Snowboard binding degree plate

Upload # 826
Licensing: Public Domain (Unlicense)
3D Software: OpenSCAD
Printer Used: DELTA most printer (RepRap)
Slicer: Cura
Infill: 20%
Support Material: Yes
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Member Since: Dec 11, 2014
Location: Michigan, USA
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This is a standard degree plate for snowboard bindings.
Size is modeled off of a Burton binding but slots are made to fit to a 2cmx4cm or 4cmx4xm hole pattern.
Made using OpenSCAD and code can be ultered for quick and easy dimension changes if need
Why pay $10-$20 for a new set when you can print a set for $1.78?!

Caution: A large amount of quick small movements
(first draft)


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