Atari 2600 RaspberryPi case

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Upload # 668
Infill: 30% or more
Slicer: Slic3r
Printer Used: Makerfarm 8" Prusa i3
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Support Material: No
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Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
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SCAD / STL Files


Download stl

Download stl

Download stl

Download stl


This is a case for your Raspberry Pi that looks an awful lot like a classic game console. This would be an ideal candidate for housing a Raspberry Pi-based retrogaming console.

At the moment, the .stl files assume a pure-HDMI installation, so there are no holes in the face for analog audio and video jacks.  The .scad files will be available, so you can make whatever changes are necessary.

The current version is only for the Raspberry Pi versiona A nd B.  A B+ version will be available soon!


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