TronXY X5S adaption of Prusa i3 Mk3 Extruder (R3/B7) & E3Dv5 / XCR-BP6

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Licensing: GPLv3
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Burning Becks

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Description is at:

Note that the work this part is based on it NOT licensed permissively, but "Copyleft"!

Converted my TronXY X5S ( ) with this and my old E3Dv5 to direct drive with counter-rotating "Bondtech"-style gears (clones named "btech"), after seeing this:

Just realized, that the XCR-BP6 (sold as "Hexagon Hotend" on the familiar chinese shopping sites) also fits here. Not really mounted it here, but the length from J-Head Groovemount to lower end of heatsink deviates only a mm or so...


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