Split HTD3 pulley for TronXY X5S Z axis sync

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Prevents heatbed sagging while Z-motors are unpowered.
These pulleys keep the unpowered Z-motors of my TronXY X5S in sync, so I don't have to constantly re-level the heated bed. RPP3-belts (fitting the HTD3-pulleys) were from the bits box - when sourcing new parts GT2 pulleys with 60 teeth and a 1140mm closed loop belt may be the cheaper choice (or a boards upgrade to dual Z drivers and dual Z endstops).
The motors also have to be electrically in sync, or the driver will get into trouble - it the motors only vibrate, turn one of the pulleys one tooth further.
Uses an RPP3 belt, loop length 1125mm and M3 screws and nuts.
Full description at: https://burningbecks.wordpress.com/2018/04/07/tronxy-x5s-x-axis-mgn12-linear-rail-conversion-and-z-axis-sync/