Slim Anti-Tangle Spool Holder - fits two #MasterSpool into one IKEA 365+ (10.6l)

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Why I did this:

  • overfill their #MasterSpool refills to 850g (they still deliver the best refills I know, though).
  • A freshly refilled spool thus is in constant danger of filament jumping over the edges.
  • Both Mark Rehorst and Graham Watson have already designed spool holders, that could prevent it. (I had to invert Mark's concave roller concept - as mentioned, my spools are overfilled.)
  • IKEA now has cheap, airtight containers (365+ 10.6l / 11 qt, No. 103.930.64, the Lid is No. 303.930.63).
  • The IKEA container can accommodate two #MasterSpools or regular 750g ones (e.g. the Häfner SD200K used by Innofil and Formfutura).
  • Squeezing those two spool, held by individual Anti-Tangle Spool-Holders into one of those 365+ Dryboxes required a new design.

- RichRap din't design the #MasterSpool to run on the edges (where the "elephant foot" is located) - you'll have to properly deburr your spools.
- There is no room for "rechargeable" de-humidifiers. But using "darkytoothpaste's silica gel bottle" ( ) inside the spools, combined with collected desiccant from various bags, works for me. I regenerate the silica in the Microwave oven.

For dual spool holders you'll need...

1x IKEA 365+ container (103.930.64) with lid (303.930.63)
2x 160mm M8 threaded rod - that should be a press-fit
4x M8 nut and preferably some threadlocker ("Loctite")
2x M8 washer
16x 625ZZ ball bearing
1x Baseplate, e.g. thin plywood - 258 x 150 mm² with chamfered corners ("Bearing Block" version only)
...and a 9mm drill in case you want to use the same two E3Dv5 Bowden couplings I used.

Printed parts:
8x "Roller" (try out how the bearing fits into the bore)
8x "Spacer" (try out how firmly they clip into the arms)
4x "Arm 1"
4x "Arm 2"
2x "Full Base" OR 4x "Bearing Block" and the baseplate mentioned above


Mark Rehorst

Graham Watson

A. Ozen / Sp4wN

...and of course RichRap:


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