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I have a DIY enclosure for my Buko Bot Duo, this is an adapter I made that you snap into a 1" hole in the side, and allows you to stick a vacuum there.  I have an old Rainbow "filter / vacuum" (look up rainbow cleaning system) that I use to take care of fumes.  This little addapter will hopefully let me attach the hose directly to the enclosure to allow the Rainbow to act as a vent and filter for all the fumes.

Note that this is a work in progress.

Made for:

Hole size in enclosure:  26mm

Outer "hose" size:  31mm


As mentioned this is a work in progress, but the idea is you would print the whole version (if you think your printer can handle the overhangs), or print the 2 parts and glue them together so that they line up like it shows in the connected version (where the overhang on one is opposite side of overhang of the other).  Then if this works, you should be able to stick it in the hole at an angle (with the small inner lip such that it can fit past the plastic), and kinda snap into place.