Enclosure External Exhaust and Fan

Upload # 519
Infill: 100%
Slicer: Kisslicer
Printer Used: Type A
3D Software: Solid Edge
Layer Height: .2
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Member Since: May 30, 2013
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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The fumes from my 3d printer have been getting to me lately. I decided to do something about it and exhaust the fumes to the outside of my house using central vac piping.

I added an addional fan as the velocity of the 3d printers fan is not that great. The fan was salvaged from an old space heater. The dimmer switch that I used states the following "General purpose ceiling or paddle fan contraller". The exhaust reducer was 3d modeled and printed on my printer. Just 3mm thick with solid infill.

Also when not in use I place an end cap on the piping to prevent any cold air from entering the house from the outside.

The filament used in this print came from ORDSolutions.com


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