wine glass hanger

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Licensing: OS License to Libre 3d
Layer Height: 0.2 mm
3D Software: Repetier Host
Slicer: Cura
Printer Used: Delta 3D printer
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Member Since: Dec 11, 2014
Location: Michigan, USA
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A 3D Printed wine glass holder using the RepRap Delta model 3 d printer with PLA filament. the holders are easy to print and can be attached under a shelf or cupboard by 3/16" bolts and nuts for simplicity. A general wine glass holder can cost anywhere around 75 to 200 dollars, but this 3d printed Wine glass holder costs just $5.70, with a savings of anywhere around 70 to 195 dollars.
Cost of the 3 dprinted Wine glass holder:
PLA filament 111 gms which is $3.33.
3 x 3/16 " bolts at $0.54 each= $1.62.
3 x 3/16 " nuts at $0.25 each= $0.75.


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