Charge port weather cover for BMW i3 / i3s (I01, Mega City Vehicle)

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Licensing: BSD License
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3D Software: OpenSCAD 2019.05
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Burning Becks

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Meant to reduce water influx and keep snow out

My EV is usually parked in the driveway and BMW designed the charging port like the fuel fillers they did before.
While I don't doubt, that rain water will find it's way around the contacts, I stumbled upon Tom Moloughney's Blog post and possible issues with snow gathering there.

In Germany those outdoor faucet covers don't cost below three €, so I gathered some dimensions and designed this cover in OpenSCAD.
Also added some ribs, which might guide rain water around the port completely.

It's quite large and tends to warp, so there are extra supports added - if your dislike those, feel free to re-compile with the according parameters set to zero. SCAD file is zipped together with the PNG-logos.

Rubber band required, printed in dasfilament PETG "Sturmgrau".


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