Keyfob Case for BMW i3, flat bottom

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3D Software: OpenSCAD 2019.05
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Burning Becks

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Occasionally the buttons on these remotes get triggered inside your pocket.
MadeOnFilm's model fits my BMW i3s' key, but it needs support when printed upright.
And my PETG-print cracked.

To get a tougher version I flattened the bottom to change orientation and use flexible (TPE/TPU) filament. The thicker bottom plate also helps avoiding those unwanted button presses.

Note on the license: My OpenSCAD code is "BSD".
The original STL is "CC BY", so these STLs also require attribution - to MadeOnFilm ( )!

Depicted is Filament PM "TPE 88 RubberJet Flex - metallic green".

When usind that, remember to follow their guidelines:
"for a better adhesion using the MAGIGOO PP glue or printing on an office PP tape is recommended"


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