Slip over phone holder for BMW i3/i3s dashboard, customizable

Upload # 1316
Licensing: BSD License
3D Software: OpenSCAD 2019.05
Support Material: No
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Burning Becks

Member Since: Dec 4, 2018
Location: Germany
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SCAD / STL Files


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STL designed for Moto G7 Plus ("Lake") in rubber case.

As the BMW i3 instrument cluster is rather small, I made this phone holder.
(You still require a big printer to print it in one piece.)

Visibility is not optimal, but Deep OBD can re-arrange the dashboard and display something unimportant behind your steering wheel. ;-)

Test the fitting by printing separate parts before going for the combined one - I won't take ANY responsibility for miscalculated parameters.

Print in temperature-resistant material. Even PETG may be too soft - depending on where your car is parked in summer...


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