Arctic Cat High Flow Intake

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Licensing: Attribution - Share Alike - CC BY - SA
Infill: 20
Slicer: Cura
Printer Used: MOST-Delta
3D Software: FreeCAD
Layer Height: .2
Support Material: No
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Shown here is a fully printable high flow air box intake for an 2005-2011 Arctic Cat M6, M7, and M8.  This intake is very simlar to the product commercially available that costs any where from $60-$80 plus shipping. The new intake is larger, allowing for more air to pass through and supposeds offers gains 1 to 2 peak horsepower with the commerical equivalent.  I do not have a dyno so I cannot verify this claim.

The part was modeled with FreeCAD, sliced with CURA and printed with a MOST-Delta 3D Printer for MTU's MY5777 Course

The cost to print this verision is approximatley $3.00 with 31 meters of filament used.
The cost to purchase an equivalent model from aluminum is $70 plus shipping, a link is shown below:

Source FreeCAD file can be found at:


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