Tier Scooter Phone Holder, attaches to the steering column

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"Tier" (www.tier.app) just rolled out their electric pedal-scooters (for rent) here and they miss a smartphone holder (to navigate). There is no way to mount something to the handle, so I made this.
[EDIT] Things just changed here - holders have been retrofitted. [/EDIT]

2nd iteration: Changed angle to get the display readeable, added a brace to keep it from wobbeling.
=> There is no clearance designed in - print the "Wedge" smaller!
=> TinkerCAD couldn't lay the "Wedge" flat properly - do that in your Slicer!

Use two HellermannTyton "SOFTFIX S" (260 x 7.0 x 1.7 mm) TPU zip ties to mount it to the scooter. Optionally a third one to secure the phone in the middle - or use rubber bands at the sides.
Article number: 115-07270