Variable Holder Clamp

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Licensing: Public Domain (Unlicense)
Infill: 75
Slicer: Cura
Printer Used: Deltabot
3D Software: OpenSCAD
Layer Height: .15
Support Material: No
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This variable holder clamp was designed to hold a computer headset on the edge of a table for convenient storage. It is parametric in almost every setting. While it is meant for being attached to a horizontal table or desk edge, it can be applied to a vertical standing edge with reasonable grip and holding capability. It is mostly PLA with two metal components(nut and bolt M10). The metal parts were included to ensure long lasting grip without creep within the PLA weakening the compressive stresses over time. 

Additionally the number of holes which can have accessories attached is adjustable and more accessories can be fabricated and easily attached (So anyone can add to its functionality).

Price to print: about $2.50 for the nut and bolt and $1.43 for 62grams of PLA. This is compared to other options that are similar such as: $19.99 ( which has similar capability but less multifunctionality. 

Cost savings of $16.06. $3.93 to make. If the metal was replaced with more PLA which is rather feasable, the price would drop significantly.


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