Clamp for firmware controllers 8 pins

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Clamp for firmware controllers 8 pins

This time I did not shoot the video. The assembly is similar to the previous model, the video can be viewed here:

And this video is a demonstration of the work of a teaching device for playing a musical drum.

More information about this musical instrument and the project can be found here:

Links to used components:

  • Pogo Pins -
  • Cylindrical-Pin -
  • Mini Screw -
  • Prototype PCB -
  • Spring Contacts -

PS: Pogo Pin Connector 4 Pin  , with such contacts it will turn out better, probably ... I will try another time ... I did it with those that were available...

Links to used tools:

  • NOGA deburring tool and Blades -
  • Polishing Wheel -
  • Drill Bits 50 pcs/Set -
  • USB-UART -
  • Buy & save with CashBack -

Look also at 4 pins:

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